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Why Sajari for Search?

Sajari helps you create and implement custom search solutions for your website, ecommerce store or application. Tuned to your needs, informed by your customer data, powered by AI and backed by powerful analytics. Sajari is fast, adaptable and here to help you achieve your goals.


Sajari learns to serve better results and search suggestions, based on your data and user interactions.

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Turn search from a cost centre to a profit centre with self-learning relevance algorithms, WYSIWYG interface creation and 100% managed infrastructure.

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Fully customizable

Build anything from elegant site search, all the way through to advanced ecommerce search platforms.

What makes Sajari different?

Sajari is a brand new approach to search technology, designed for the AI-driven world of tomorrow.

Built from scratch

Many search platforms use old, open-source search technology with a shiny, new interface. Sajari has been engineered from scratch, right down to the bits and bytes, to bring you the next-generation of data-driven search technology.

Adapts to your customers

Sajari constantly tests and experiments based on customer interaction to serve ever improving search results. Watch your click-through rates climb as Sajari learns what your customers want.

Instant content updates

You shouldn't have to wait for your search index to catch up with your live content and products. Our Instant Indexing technology means there's no more waiting for periodic re-crawls - just your content, up-to-date, and in real time.

Discover how boosted conversion by 10% with machine learning powered search.

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Create compelling experiences

For your users

  • Autocomplete & Suggestions - Based on your most popular queries and your content.
  • Spellcheck - Fix spelling mistakes with models based on your content and products. Works in all languages.
  • Instant search - Search results display instantly as users type.
  • Filters and facets - Refine results by category and other dimensions like location, date, popularity and price.
  • ADA & WCAG AA compliant - All our interfaces are WCAG (AA) and ADA disability compliant.
  • Speed - Slow search harms conversion rates and reduces engagement, so we've optimized our platform for speed. Try us.

And for your business

  • Boost and Exclude - Upweight or downweight pages, documents and products, or exclude them entirely.
  • Promotions - Pin records to the top of results for certain queries.
  • Synonyms - Set custom synonyms unique to your business.
  • Build-Your-Own Interface - Design an interface from your Sajari console, or use our SDKs.
  • Analytics - Get real business insights from your search data with our powerful Analytics suite.
  • Cloud-based - No infrastructure to manage or surprise costs, just a reliable service that scales with your business.
  • Distributed - We're built using multi-zone regions and multi-zone clusters, so your search functionality won't go down.

Millions of searches daily. Some of our customers:

We haven't had a single problem using Sajari for our global website. We use each language we have to manipulate the rankings based on inventory, embargos, and local specials. The program is easy to use, quick to learn, and powerful.

Ronald Szymanski

With Sajari we’ve definitely delivered. Our results are more relevant to our customers and we’re able to sell more of the products that matter to us, which has resulted in huge improvements to our bottom line. – Read the full case study.

Dr. Liron Nehmadi

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Some of our customers include: