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Sajari is a fast growing company building leading-edge search, matching and machine learning services usually reserved for the world’s top 10 tech companies. We’re engineering our products from the ground up to make them available to everyone.

Our tech stack is built with Go. We use both Google Cloud and AWS for hosting, Kubernetes for deployment automation and our forward moving API SDKs are based on gRPC. Our frontend builds currently use JavaScript and ReactJS. We do a lot of data science and machine learning.

We don't fill roles; we add smart people with passion.

We’re currently looking for people in these broad categories

Go engineering
Experienced go engineers ideally with machine learning experience.

Front-end engineering
Front-end engineers with React experience and an eye for elegant design.

Interface and User Experience design
Interface and UX designers with front-end engineering or illustration experience.

Content Marketers
Marketers who can write or writers who can take a product to market. Blogs, email marketing, social, website copy, help and support.

Graduates from any field with an open mind, strong work ethic and a real desire to learn.

Please, no recruiters or outsourcing development agencies. Feel free to add a link to Twitter, Github/bitbucket, dribble or your online portfolio. Create your job below.

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