Optimize Search Results

Preview Results

After setting up the collection and adding necessary rules, you can use the Browse section in Sajari Console to preview the search results.

Browse Section

The browse section allows you to test search queries and choose between different Query Pipeline configurations to optimize your search results. A Query Pipeline consists of a series of steps that improve and augments the search query.

When you create a Site Search collection, we create the following pipelines by default:

  • Raw: The raw pipeline ranks results without applying boost rules, synonyms, or any other optimizations. It ranks results based on the index score only, meaning the result that has the best match based on the content alone. We recommend the Raw Pipeline for testing purposes only. It can help understand the impact of other Query Pipeline steps, such as boost rules or spelling correction.
  • Website: The website Query Pipeline is the default Site Search Pipeline. It adds a few steps including promotions, synonyms, and spelling correctiion. These steps improve the search experience for a standard website and allow for promoting specific pages.
  • Recent: The recent Query Pipeline adds the same steps as the Website Pipeline with one addition. It ranks recent records higher using 'datePublished' field. This is useful for news sites or blogs, where current information is generally more relevant than older information. Note that the Recent Query Pipeline only works if the webpage contains the meta field datePublished as defined by schema.org.
  • Popular: The Popular Pipeline contains the same steps as the Website Pipeline with the addition of a Popular step. It ranks popular records higher using the page views data. Use this Pipeline for websites with evergreen content where popularity is relevant, such as a recipe website or a movie database. Note that the pingback code must be set up to record page views.

Each Query Pipeline is optimized for different types of websites. Depending on your use-case you might choose the regular Website Pipeline or the Recent Pipeline which boosts recently created content.

Note: The fields (title, URL, etc) of a search result may differ for each pipeline depending on how its configured. The RAW pipeline will display all fields by default.