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Search is complicated, but Sajari makes it simple. With one simple install you can transform any search box on your site into a powerful site search feature that will increase user satisfaction, engagement and retention. See below for a list of different ways to install Sajari site search and some links to actual demos showing this working.

Results overlay

No need to think about how to display results. Works great on mobile. Click our search box above to see it in action

In-page results

Visitors don't even need to leave the page. Results change as you type. See demo

Custom rendering

Use our API, custom rendering, server side processing and much more.

Below is a list of common ways to install Sajari's site search. Each of these can be customized in many ways, however this page is simply to demonstrate the various install options. All search engines in Sajari get great features automatically, like fuzzy search (e.g. auto spell correction), synonyms, context clues, crawling rules and more.

Search results in an overlay demo

The simplest search integration is an overlay, as it's relatively isolated from CSS changes within the main page. Results will be loaded into a mobile friendly overlay for you. The code for this type of integration can be seen in our ReactJS SDK examples.

Click the search box to see the overlay in action

Inject search results into current page demo

If you want to put the results in a particular location, you can add data-sj-search-results to a page element and results will be instantly rendered there instead. This allows the results to use your CSS, which you can choose to further customize if desired. You can also integrate via our ReactJS SDK, which allows very customizable installs including facets, autocomplete prediction and more.

Note: Unlike other search integrations, your customers do not need to leave the current page

See a site search in current page demo. Note: The demo uses instant search, much like Google's instant search, this updates in real time as users type, no need to wait.

Custom render search results

Some sites want the power of Sajari's search, but they want to render them in their own way using AngularJS, React JS, or similar. This is easy to do.

Our JavaScript SDK allows searches to be constructed as needed. This can be integrated into any other frontend framework. If you happen to use ReactJS, it is even easier. We have a full ReactJS SDK with multiple full examples and components to build your won.

Many apps don't use web pages, so they'll want to use our API to run searches. See our documentation. A variety of different searches can be run depending on your needs. We have SDKs in multiple languages.

API clients

We support a range of API clients, mostly built around our gRPC definitions. gRPC can also generate SDKs in other languages not listed here.

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