All the tools you need to create smart search experiences and delight your customers. Deliver better results to your users and your organization.

Relevant results, out-of-the-box

Ensure your customers can quickly find the products they want and the information they need.


Enable your users to find exactly what they’re looking with result filters. Drill-down with custom search facets tuned from your data attributes.

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Set configurable, multi-word synonyms to speak the same language as your users, and control how they search through your data.

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Display helpful, as-you-type query suggestions so your users get to the information they need faster.

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Deploy AI-powered search in minutes

Composable search pipelines

Influence search ranking with chain-able pipeline steps, create custom pipelines specific to individual use-cases and implement reinforcement learning to improve results.

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Custom Interfaces

Generate ADA / WCAG complaint search interfaces in minutes. Easily integrate into your site with custom styling or build advanced interfaces using JS and React SDKs.


Instantly index your newly published and recently updated pages. Index custom fields to be used as filters and influence your result rankings.

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Drive business success

Increase user conversions while reducing abandonment.


Monitor your search performance, analyze what you users are searching for and what they find relevant, and explore trends over time.

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Powerful ranking configuration

Make search adjustments on-the-fly with a user-friendly console for marketing and business teams. Boost, promote, exclude and customize results to suit your business goals.

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Ensure no one abandons your site again from a poor user experience. Deliver instant search results with an average 0.009 seconds query time.

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Rethink your search experience.

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